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Here we shall be building up a library of Classic romantic songs to inspire and serenade your beloved. Later on we intend to add other multimedia including Audio clips of some of the Poetry listed on the Poems page as well as links to tools that can help you build your own multi media romantic gift to the one you love best!


This playlist is my first medley of tunes from my misspent youth and slightly better spent middle age!

As you may see I'm a bit of a faded hippy as one of my old friends would have said (-eh Trixie!) But the music is good from my point of view anyhow.

If any of you have some favorites please feel fre to nip over to Playlist.Com and make up a playlist of your own. Send me the link to it and we could list it in here as well.  Though to be sure to include a description (or a dedication!) of it for inclusion as well.   -G


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