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Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! We hope you will take a few minutes to have a look around for inspiration and ideas. Just like our lives our relationships grow and change and so too will this web site. Come visit often. We believe we can inspire you no mater what your age, your relationship status or your life preferences.
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The site is broken up into four main parts. Each part can be accessed by clicking on the buttons in the blue bar above.

The first is our blog section. Currently we only have one blog running regarding love letters. We will be bringing you more soon from a variety of authors

 Our next section is called reviews. In this part of the site we will review books, music, movies and other media that we recommend for ‘romantic’ encounters.

The third section is called media. Here we feature pictures, artwork, videos, voice recordings and other types of media to enhance the romance in your life. (and maybe to send to that special someone one?)

The final section is entitled stories. This is where you will find romantic stories and poems to inspire and delight.

This site is designed to be a community. In other words it will not function without you. We invite you to submit stories, poems, reviews and your ides about love, romance and relationships. Currently we are actively seeking music and book reviewers to feature regularly on this site.

Don’t consider yourself a writer? Let us help you edit and publish your piece. We were once beginner writers ourselves. Check this section often for requested ‘subject’ pieces.

Please write to us at info@romanceonthenet.com

Under construction

For now this site is still under construction and as yet some of its features are not yet available. Still may we encourage you to sign up for the daily tip and please keep checking back regularly as we are working hard to add content a soon as can be!

Likewise if you have comments or questions for us here and Romance on the net. Please drop us a line at info@romanceonthenet.com


Giles & Lori  

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